THE CONCEPT | Producer Peter J de Vries started this initiative of making a documentary to highlight the power and strength of (single) mothers in Vietnam. Together with filmmaker Marijn Poels he produced By Choice or Chance independently. Filmmaker and producer planned the world release on International Women's Day 2013 (08-03-2013) and give women organization the opportunity to hold the world premiere during their own event. "This is a universal and global story about women empowerment". It turned out to be a great and powerful tool which will inspire women around the planet.

Whether you're a woman in Pakistan, Perthe Conu, go or Germany, everyone can identify their selves in this documentary.
  Our aim is to celebrate the world premiere on March 8th at as much as possible places around the world. The rules for a screening are simple. Just send an email to distribution@bychoiceorchance.com with your request and the distribution will do the rest.
Peter J. de Vries   Marijn Poels


    REUTERS has developed some great resources as they invite you to join them in celebrating International Women's Day and the role of women in bringing about positive change in the world. To mark this occasion Reuters has created a slideshow of women from across the globe, living in extraordinary times. A women's world