PRODUCER: PETER J DE VRIES | "By this movie I want to express my admiration for the way Vietnamese women solve many complicated problems in a decent and proper way out of love for their children"

DIRECTOR: MARIJN POELS | "Inspired by the ancient and deep rooted cultures in Vietnam. With the old traditions and habits what makes this part of the world so pure and interesting. Solidarity and unity which these systems posses and should be cherished and preserved. On the other side, those traditions and cultures specially in the countryside's are not evolving simultaneously towards the prosperity a nation needs. The traditional man-centered-idea is holding women back from development, meanwhile the prosperity needs them to grow to humanly and international values. Although emancipation is often not accepted in these centuries old cultures, the love of a mother to her child is apparently invincible. A strength which dare to step beyond the line of the ancient thinking. Constrainedly or conscious, women are off the beaten path without losing their respect towards their roots. After so many centuries these traditional systems are slowly moving towards emancipation step by step. Not only in Vietnam, but everywhere in the world women are careful raising their hands for equality and empowerment.

During the shootings of 'By Choice or Chance' I witnessed the power en determination of mothers who dear to step away from their traditional husbands. Despite of all consequences in the family the single mothers showing the improvement their prosperity needs.
I hope this story will be an inspiration for mothers around the globe but also enjoyable for the regular viewer as well"

    REUTERS has developed some great resources as they invite you to join them in celebrating International Women's Day and the role of women in bringing about positive change in the world. To mark this occasion Reuters has created a slideshow of women from across the globe, living in extraordinary times. A women's world